PATEX 100% Natural Latex Foam Products

At Pattani Industry, we have a huge range of PATEX™ products available from which to choose. These products - including natural latex mattresses, natural latex foam sheets, natural latex pillows, baby sets (5 items including latex baby-pillow and latex foam sheet), carpet underlays, fire retardant carpet underlays and more - are available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and firmness levels ranging from extra soft to extra firm. Covering fabrics can be also selected. There are several kinds of foam finishing machines, such as the foam slicer, cutter and convoluting machine, which mean that customized sizes and shapes can be made at our factory.

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PATEX™ Natural Latex Foam Mattresses

PATEX™ Natural Latex Pillows

PATEX™ Latex Foam for Children

PATEX™ Agglomerated Latex Foam
(from 100% Natural Latex Foam)

PATEX™ 100% Natural Latex Foam Sheets

PATEX™ Carpet Underlays

PATEX™ Customized Products

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The factory is located in South of Thailand, Pattani Province. Contact detail of the factory:

Address : Pattani Industry (1971) co., ltd.
76-82 Preeda rd.,
Amphur Muang, Pattani 94000,
Tel. : Eng-Thai - (66) 73 450610
Fax. : (66) 73 450616 ,
(66) 73 450613
Email : [email protected]

To get proper information - regarding product details and specification, pricing, order quantity, etc - we recommended you to contact via email. You will be got contacted by an appropriate staff within 2 working days.

Warning!: It is ture that somebody has been claiming that is an authorised dealer of the company. To avoid be taken advantage due to this issue, please contact us directly via provided email address, you will get contacted from an authorised representative person.

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