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PATEX is currently an expertise in making of natural latex foam. Thailand is the biggest natural latex producer of the world. This enable PATEX to access the natural resource easily, the raw material will be less expensive than anywhere else in the world, hence customer will get the reasonable product price. Every single production process is in carefully control. PATEX controls quality of product from the beginning of the process - from raw material through production, finishing, packing and delivery - this is in order to ensure that every single piece of PATEX product delivered to customer is the best one. PATEX has been a reliable and trustworthy company, therefore, PATEX has exported products worldwide for over 40 years.

Company Overview

Year of Established1971
Technical InformationSpecial in manufacturing of latex foam, latex pillow, carpet underlay, agglomerated latex foam.
Product Line100% Natural latex foam, 100% Natural latex pillow, latex foam sheet, agglomerated latex foam, carpet underlay.
LocationPattani, South of Thailand
Internation and Domestic Merchadise Experience40+ Years of experience in export
40+ Years of experience in domestic retailing brand name "PATEX"
Presence Market:Australia, Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, etc.
Quality ControlEvery stage of the production process is scrutinised to ensure the highest standards of quality. For this, a series of extensive tests like hardness, permanent deformation, braking strain, accelerated ageing and density tests are carried out.
Standard and Certificate
Thai Industrial Standards (TIS)
มอก. 2741-2559 ผลิตภัณฑ์หมอนยางพารา
มอก.2747-2559 ผลิตภัณฑ์ที่นอนยางพารา

Institute for Quality Supervision Furniture Test Durability Test Nr. IWQ MBL 339 1443

ECO Umweltinstitut Cologne Germany
Test Report Nr. 832/1999 Testing Parameter: According QULe.V. Successful Result For: Latex Content Filler Nitrosamines - PCP - CS2

Tested for harmful substances. According to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
Contact InformationThailand (Headquarter)

Address : Pattani Industry (1971) co., ltd.
76-82 Preeda rd.,
Amphur Muang, Pattani 94000,
Tel. : Eng-Thai - (66) 73450610
Fax. : (66) 73 450616, 450613
Email : [email protected]

Contact us

The factory is located in South of Thailand, Pattani Province. Contact detail of the factory:

Address : Pattani Industry (1971) co., ltd.
76-82 Preeda rd.,
Amphur Muang, Pattani 94000,
Tel. : Eng-Thai - (66) 73 450610
Fax. : (66) 73 450616 ,
(66) 73 450613
Email : [email protected]

To get proper information - regarding product details and specification, pricing, order quantity, etc - we recommended you to contact via email. You will be got contacted by an appropriate staff within 2 working days.

Warning!: It is ture that somebody has been claiming that is an authorised dealer of the company. To avoid be taken advantage due to this issue, please contact us directly via provided email address, you will get contacted from an authorised representative person.

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